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power management system pms 3v

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    power management system pms 3v

    My question is about the power management system in my nu-venture surf.Not sure if I am asking for advice in the right place.
    My problem is that I do not have any instructions for it and am not sure how it charges my leisure battery.
    there is a switch called charger supply which can be on or off.I usually put this on if I am connected to the lecky or when I am driving around and want the car battery to charge the leisure battery.
    The other switch called battery selector has 3 options car-off-van.I have taken this to be that I use the car battery when it is on car and I put it on this setting when driving.I use the van setting when on site and I do not have lecky .
    Hope that makes sense.

    Hi Pat.
    I don't know too much about the inner secrets of a Nu venture but there is a very simple test you can do to establish if what you're doing is right.
    When plugged into mains, turn on all the lights in the van, leave it a few seconds then switch your "charger supply" switch on, the lights should get very slightly brighter. You can try the same process with the engine charging ( depending on the age of vehicle, the recent ones switch off the lights when the engine starts). If you have a battery condition gauge you can see what it reads with the switches in various positions, engine off and running.
    I think what you're doing already is probably right, but you can check using the above methods.


      Thanks Ant. I will try those out.


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