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gearbox/differential filler

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    gearbox/differential filler

    Hi Ant,

    I am in need of enlightenment regarding my 1989 f reg romahome.
    I replaced the centre rubber bush on my left track control arm but had to drain some of the oil into a drum cos I poped the driveshaft accidentally.

    Now it's all back together I am not sure if it has a separate diff oil or if the diff and gearbox are the same.

    I found the filler for the gearbox under the battery and refilled the oil. I am worried there may be a chance that the diff is empty and the gearbox now has twice as much oil than it should have. I just could not see a filler for the diff.

    Can you advise?

    I have figured this one out.
    I realised when I was in bed last night that there is only one drain plug and that's on the bottom of the diff. There's one level plug and that's on the gearbox and the filler is under the battery. I think I'll just drain the whole lot out and refill with 2.5 ltrs of new gear oil.

    My next job is to sort out the imbalance of the handbrake.


      Hi Ecobezhig.
      You've already worked it out re box and diff', the level bung can be got at under the n/s wheel arch with the wheel on a full lhd lock. The only thing a bit spooky about the C15 is it takes a strange gear oil " Total 75W80"


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