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C15 Romahome rear suspension bushes

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    C15 Romahome rear suspension bushes

    My rear off side bushes are ruined and it's squeaky. I don't have a car lift so I do think it's wise for me to do it without the right gear, even though I know how.

    what's your verdict Ant?

    I have looked at this more in depth and I know what i need to do.
    lift vehicle up on a car lift, undo the whole rear axle, brakes etc.release tension from coil spring with the mother of all spring compressers. dismantle pivot joints, remove remains of bushes, bearings, bolts etc.
    Then fit new bush kit and replace everything in reverse order.
    The main problem is I don't have a car lift and I don't have a monster powerful spring compressor.

    The MOT garage for Stowmarket Caravans knew about this fault but still gave it a ticket.

    I'll fix it though


      I have a friend who works at the local Citroen garage and he says actually replacing the bushes is quite easy. BUT!!!! he says do not attempt to dismantle unless you can beg, steal or borrow the proper spring compressor from Citroen. Whilst it is apart replace all the brake pipes.

      Worn bushes can lead to inner tyre walls rubbing on the chassis and puncturing. (I know to my cost because it happened to us on the motorway at the start of our trip to France a few years ago. We still got our holiday though because the AA brought us home and we packed the camping gear in the car and still made our booked ferry.)


        You will never make a politician because you are 100% accurate in what you say. Indeed my in sidewalls rubbed against the chassis, not anymore thanks to my Metabo friend.

        It could be that I have to take it to a citroen specialist or at least a garage that has the tool.:(


          The Bushes kit is not very expensive, so if you can borrow the spring compressor and do the labouring yourself the job is not too costly. If the bush is very rusty it can be a sod to get out so be prepare for some prolonged thumping with a large hammer and drift! I have known one side to take hours just to get the old bush out.
          Good Luck


            If you have a good relationship with the garage they may lend/hire it to you.

            It is expensive to have it done, but do both sides.

            You can save money by taking the whole axle off and taking it to the garage.

            Don't go down the road of fitting a second hand axle Romahomes are built on 800KG vans and 865KG chassis cabs but most vans are only 600KG and therefore the springs are not able to carry the load.


              I bought the bushes from AEP direct for £24+ vat each. I then called citrotech , Bristol but they qouted £280 each side + vat for the labour.

              I went to a garage in Paignton, South Devon and the mechanic said it's cheaper to get a warranted axle from a breakers yard such as 1st choice parts. They are waiting for me to send them a text to receive their quotes.

              I just cancelled the bushes over the phone before I saw my reply here

              However, now I have just seen peter's comments about me needing the 800kg axle so I will have to find a 800 kg.

              What vehicle reg could I put into 1st choice parts that has the axle I need or what is the part number I need.

              I have just spoken to Ant, Our God, and he tells me that my 1989 romahome is based on a 600 chassis so I can put in any axle.

              Must go and get some coffee now and thanks to Ant for his advice,


                I bought a complete axle with hubs from a breaker, it came off a 2001 600 champ. I paid £60 and collected it from nr portmuff.
                Jet washed it, re-rusted what little it had and sprayed it black.

                I located the 6 nuts under the seat lockers that attach to the studs. Had to use a hammer to knock through the resin filler.

                Saturday i will jack up onto pallets and drop duff axle out.

                Wash this pace!


                  So where was I

                  1 I jacked up the back of the camper and made it secure on some bits and pieces.
                  2Took off the exhaust, the whole lot from the down pipe. disconnected the brake feed pipe to the regulater or something.
                  3 Took off the wheels.and hubs.
                  4 Undid the handbrake cables on both sides.
                  5. using my windy gun I undid the 6 nuts holding the rear axle in place.
                  7 swaped a brake pipe or two onto the newer axle.
                  8 jacked up the new axle and secured the 6 nuts.
                  9 re-fited the brake feed and the 2 handbrake cables.
                  10 welded the exhaust seam with stainless sheet , it was corroded,and painted the welds.
                  11. re-fitted the exhaust.
                  12 bleed the brakes and fitted the wheels.
                  13 adjusted handbrake.
                  15 took for test drive and felt the brakes were binding.
                  16 stripped both hubs and found the brake cylinders were seized.
                  17 removed those cylinders and replaced with the ones on my original axle.
                  18 re-bleed the brakes and re-fitted the hubs and wheels.
                  19 took for test drive and it's closer to OK but I'll need to adjust regulator.

                  So the whole job cost me £60 axle, £1.99 brake fluid, £15 diesel to drive to Cowplain nr Portmuft. Total £77 as opposed to £700 for a Citroen specialist to do.

                  BUTiT was a bit stressfull without a car lift and all the right tools and it took a total of 6 hrs.

                  God bless me AMEN


                    Did you give yourself a Warranty with all that work?

                    Tony Anchorman


                      Give yourself a gold star for all that work. Was the 6 hours spread over more than one day? Ann


                        it was spread over sun eve and mon afternoon. a mechanic with a ramp, such as Ant, would do it in 2 hours. I need to bed the new linings in and then it'll stop.

                        Oh yes, it was on a tilt and incline.

                        And finally the rear suspension on a Romahome is very poor, there is no other way about it. I shan't buy assisters instead I'll make something myself, possibly springs from a Suzuki GT 380 bike.
                        wash sis pace:confused:


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