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Broken waste water pipe plug/bung.

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    Broken waste water pipe plug/bung.

    Hi Ant,
    I have a 1998 Duo Plus and yesterday, on emptying the waste water pipe the spring/clip device on the plug where the water comes out, snapped due to rust. I rang Romahome who inform me that they no longer carry spares of those type of plugs and that the ones they use on the newer Romahomes are of a different type. They suggested i try a good caravan/camping shop. I will do this but I don't hold out much hope . Have you any ideas on what sort of bung/plug I could use? I know this is not an essential item in the great scheme of things but it is a bit of a drag if I can't use the sink properly. Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated.

    Would something like this help?

    Or is it the actual little thingy in the plug that's gone? (The bit you attach the bead chain to?)

    You can get small new covers for plugholes as well: These ppl carry an awful lot of spares. I'm sure if you send them the size they will find one for you. Try also the marine suppliers as they have smaller sink sizes (in boats for eg.).

    Ant will probably have a few lying around somewhere!

    .....Or you could get all creative with a rubber wine cork, or similar and make your own!

    Think I found the right one...
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      Hi Jayjay,
      Thanks very much for all the trouble you have gone to. I don't think i was very clear in my first post; it is the bung/plug that fits onto the end of the waste pipe where it comes out under the van , not at the sink .
      Anyhow, I am glad you have directed me to leisure shop direct as I'm sure I'll need other stuff in the future . It seems an amazing site.
      I've thought of a wine cork, by the way, and may resort to this but am not sure if it would be strong enough to hold a weight of waste water above it.
      Once again, many thanks.


        You're welcome, Gill!

        Oh, so it's t'other end!

        Well mine never had one in the first place. I just put a bucket underneath!


          Hi Gill.
          I'm afraid I've not got any of those now, I just fit a waste tap to the end of the pipe with a jubilee clip, you can get taps from any accessory shop.


            Hi Ant and jayjay,
            Thanks so much for your advice. I've now ordered a waste tap from CAK Tanks , having "googled". You are probably aware of this company, but it seems to specialise in water/drain/pumps etc. for caravans and mobile homes. They were very pleasant when I phoned to order and also helpful in finding what I need, even though it wasn't a "shipping order"- the whole lot came to £13!!


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