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Reversing Camera for HYLO DUO (2005)

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    Reversing Camera for HYLO DUO (2005)

    I would be grateful for some advice about this.
    Two dealers have quoted £500 for a camera so I'm looking for a simple (hopefully) DIY option.
    The main problems I see are:
    1. Which kit to buy. (I assume I'll need to spend about £100)
    2. Where to site the camera. I don't see anywhere obvious. (I presume it's necessary to drill a hole for the fixing and the feed and I don't want to do that until I'm sure the position is right)
    3. How to get the electrical connection from the reversing light / number plate light or rear lights.
    4. Wired or wireless system.

    Hi Jeff.
    I'm no expert on reversing cameras to be able to advise you on a specific kit, so much depends on what you want to see from it, mainly day vision or enhanced night vision for example. Is it purely for collision avoidance when reversing or is it your intention ( now illegal) to use it when the vehicles is moving as a rear view mirror? You need to choose what suits your needs best and can be fitted in the limited space available on a Hylo.
    Siting the camera, again depends on which type you go for. If you go for one of the smaller countersunk cameras you may be able to get it under the stop light above the door. wires for it can be fed between the skins of the body ( remove the pad from the top of the door way inside) to the rear of the fridge to the light wires. By removing the hob and grill lining you'll gain enough access to pull the wires through. Once at the light, a small hole in the rear side of the o/s side locker, you can run the wires to the monitor at the front by threading through the small access gap at the top front corner of the side locker into the back rest of the internal seat lockers and from there on to the rear of the cab. Round the door under the trim and into the dash completes the run.
    If you go wireless half the wiring run is not needed but I'm not sure that the wireless units have yet overcome interference problems completely.



      Thanks for your reply. Because of the blind spots I want the camera simply to aid reversing. I'll follow up your suggestions and see how I get on.


        I already own a Raspberry Pi computer and have been thinking of getting the recently announce hi-res camera that goes with it. One idea I was thinking of was to mount the Pi at the back of the van with the camera as a reversing camera. Since the Pi is a little computer in its own right it can then be made to broadcast the camera image just like a webcam (only on a local network so it isn't available to everyone). Then I could use my Android phone in the cab to view the camera. Should be an interesting poor man's reversing camera.

        Even cheaper might be to use a cheap USB webcam with the Raspberry Pi as it doesn't really need to be tremendously hi-res.


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