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Correct pump for water supply in elderly Romahome?

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    Correct pump for water supply in elderly Romahome?


    I previously added this to another thread, but then thought this might be a better source of info!

    Have discovered a slow water leak in our P-reg Hitop, which soaked the locker flooring on our first extended trip this year. It appeared to be from the pump (inlet side), and when I removed it, that nozzle snapped off. There were indications of a crack in it, probably caused by some trapped water that I must have missed when draining down, just before our 10 weeks of subzero temperatures in Scotland.

    The question is, what size of pump was fitted as original? The pump that failed is a Reich 15 litre/minute, but a friend commented that his much bigger van uses that size to power a shower! There is nothing in the documentation that I have which gives details.

    That size of pump appears to be relatively expensive in local dealers compared with the lower capacity ones, which may explain my interest!



    I had a very elderly romahome. It used a 12v whale submersible pump, which fed directly into the 20ltr tank underneath the sink. Never failed me. I used to take the pump out of the tank, empty tank and air dry, air dry the pump and all was ok for the winter.

    All depends on whether you have a hot water sys installed, then it gets complicated.

    I'm planning to install a hand operated or foot operated pump system into my caravan though - the less on 12v and reliant on it the better, methinks!


      This is an interesting subject. Am I right in thinking that Romahome put the tank under the sink? because On mine it looks as though it was next to the leisure battery.

      Mine never had a tank or a pump and the space under the sink was storage for food on 2 shelfs. But I think a tank under the sink might be an idea to consider, on the other hand I'm not sure about weight in that area of the overhang.
      At the moment I have a 20 litre water container that I drop a 10 Lpm submersible pump in through the filler cap, it works OK.
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        Originally posted by ecobezhig View Post
        because On mine it looks as though it was next to the leisure battery.
        OH!!! Water next to leisure battery and plugs, etc??? Ever likely it isn't there now!:eek:

        My 20L water container (not a tank as such, error there) was in the left-hand side cupboard right under the tap, attached to a 12v rocker switch. On the other side was the cooker with a (later addition) fridge.

        However, my 'van was a demountable Bedford Rascal, might make a difference to the weight being there. Actually, there's no weight in an empty container, what am I on about? Doesn't matter where it is as long as it's empty when in transit, does it? LOL
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          Thanks for that Jay,

          I'll change things so that water can goes under the sink.


            Hi folks

            Some interesting points so far. To clarify, the water tank is at the front of the passenger-side locker, with the water-pump in front of it and accessed through a hole in the moulding. The water leak cannot reach the electrics, given that they are all elevated. The leak flowed generally forward, and out through a drain plug in the cab floor!

            I take it that the tank is better sited towards the front of the vehicle because of weight distribution. Even loaded carefully, my Roma is relatively light at the front end.

            I did wonder about using a submersible pump, but I would then have to block off the low-level outlet from the tank, which probably creates other sorts of excitement!



              Hi Paul.
              You need a Whale in line booster pump ( GP1392) I think its called a "Premium booster pump". Once fitted you'll need to get the air out of the unit, I just run the pump and, using a bit of pipe, suck on the tap until the pump start to pump, turn it off for a few seconds to let the air settle and then switch on again. Repeat until the water flows smoothly.


                Hi Ant

                Thanks very much for the info. Will get on to it at the weekend, in preparation for next time away. I had suspected that the more powerful pump would be no more effective given the smallish bore of the pipework it was using.

                Best wishes



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