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    Leisure Battery

    Hi Ant.
    I need to fit a leisure battery in our 1987 C15 Roma. Can you make any reccommendations. I only run lights and possible a fridge or coolbox in the future... what amps do I need? are they best fitted in a battery box? there is a car batterry fitted at the moment which is charged when the engine is running I presume there is a relay fitted to do this, how can I check this is the case and if so can I fit a trickle charger to the leisure battery for when its stood on the drive? or do I need to look at an electics mamagement system? (that sounds posh).

    One more daft question, is the fibre glass shell a single or double skin?

    Thanks for all you help and assistance.



    Hi Stu.
    If you already have a 2nd battery fitted ( albeit a car battery) you can check the relay by disconnecting the 2nd battery turn the lights on and then start the engine. If the ligfhts come on you have a split charging relay of some kind.
    If you're replacing the battery and you don't have a battery box, buy a sealed for life battery that has no vent. if you have a vented battery it should be in a sealed box that is vented outside somewhere.
    Trickle charging from a cheap little charger is fine.
    The battery amp/hr should be as close as you can get to match the starting battery ( which will be between 60 and 70 amp) so a 75 to 85 amp/hr 2nd battery will be fine.


      Leisure Battery

      Thanks Ant, most helpfull.

      Regards, Stu


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