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Excellent Service

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    Excellent Service

    Dear All,

    Repairer went the extra mile!

    S J Campers
    Unit 2 Phoenix Trading Estate
    LA9 6NZ
    United Kingdom
    Telephone: 01539 726294
    Mobile: 07912 693350

    S J Campers (Kendal) are very knowledgable, professional moho builders, repairers (& base vehicle Service, MoT etc) with fully equiped indoor multi-vehicle bays.... and they went the extra mile for me.

    My Eserbascher heater failed on 22nd December and I had planned to use the camper (Romahome Dimensions) for the festive period.

    I phoned them late on 23rd Dec. They were ultra busy but told me to bring in my vehicle on 24th at 8 am (their last workday).

    I took my moho in & a friendly but busy professional came out to look at the Heater unit etc.

    I had assumed a fuel feed fault as the electrics seemed to be working (cool fan, stop & start buttons), just no heat.

    The chap did some testing of the battery etc and after 25 mins he had it fixed. He said that he thought he knew what the fault was from my description. He also thinks he knows why my fridge won't work on 12v or 230v (but works on gas).

    I went to pay him but he wouldn't accept a payment; he merely requested a review.

    I was given a very nice & unexpected present which saved my xmas moho plans and cheered me up lots. I am so very grateful & will be returning for a Vehicle Service & Moho repair etc.

    Suffice it to say I highly recommend S J Campers.

    thats what we like to read Patti.


      So tell us why your heater wouldnt work and what was wrong with your fridge please



        That really is excellent service, well done S J Campers and thank you for sharing this PeppermintPatti
        Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


          Hi all,

          The fault with the heater was indeed electrical. It was poor connections. The chap at S J Campers (Kendal) did the electrical meter measurements, undid the connections, cleaned them, then refit working well. I think he intimatated that the fridge problem was also to do with the wiring. There's clearly been a bit of overheat at some point in the section that houses the battery (my sparky friend told me).

          I'm under the impression that the electrical section there needs work (rewiring ? cleaning etc).

          I'll know more when I take the moho in for them to work their magic......then I'll report back.🙂


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