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fridge and lighting question

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    fridge and lighting question


    Wonder if someone can help me, just got a 1993 romahome, it has a 12volt fridge and gas powered too, although i can use gas on it just wondered if i could also run the fridge when connected to the campsite hookup or do i have to run it only on gas, as it's a 12volt fridge,

    Also sometime when we put the 12volt lights on running from lesure battery the lights are dim and sometimes flicker then a bit later are brighter again does anyone know what this is,

    Thanks so much


    Sounds like a faulty connection dropping the voltage and current occasionally. Or possibly bad contacts in the switch (same thing really, but at a different point in the circuit).

    As for the fridge I suppose it depends on how the system is wired up.
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      Hi Richard! Welcome to the forum!

      If you only have a two way fridge - that's just 12v and gas, it will only run on gas when you're on site, whether you have EHU or not. The 12v bit is just to keep things cool when you're on the move. I never used the 12v bit on mine, just froze the things I didn't need that day, and a couple of freezer blocks and turned it into a freezer box! The 12v bit is pretty useless TBH. If it doesn't have a three pin plug on it anywhere and a handy nearby socket, then it's definately two-way and you'll have to use gas when on site. It doesn't take a lot to run though, esp. if you've cooled it down with freezer blocks and stuff!

      Check the connections to your leisure battery, sounds like they are loose. Definately a fault somewhere there. Could just be that the leisure battery need a good overnight trickle charge. If you start the engine and the lights are brighter, then switch off and they dim, then it could be simply that the leisure battery needs a charge. If brighter after you've been for a drive, then slowly getting dimmer, same thing.

      If the lights are going dim and then bright sporadically, then check the circuit.

      Good luck, let us know how you get on!


        fridge and lighting

        Thanks for your replies very kind,

        The fridge is a 2 way fridge so i will have it running on gas, i tried it it seems good enough, at mo! the lighting is fixed now, there was a wrong amp fuse in lighting i changed it and lights no longer flicker,

        Many thanks



          It seems to me you unadvertantly cured a bad connection by changing the fuse. The wrong size fuse would NOT make lights flicker. It would either blow if too small amperage and give little or no protection if too large amperage.
          Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


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