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    Hi All
    Does anyone have a wireing diagram for a Diahatsu hijet Romahome we bought it about a month ago and the fridge cigarette lighter and pump doesn't work when we looked at the leisure battery most of the wires were disconected any help would be would be great ( It's our first motorhome )

    Hi Motorman, welcome to the forum.

    On the main website there is a manual for demountable romahome's that you can download, it probably will give you some information. Its here. Your romahome will have been remounted onto the hijet when the original vehicle gave up the ghost.

    I think you may find it more beneficial to get a local caravan repairer to have a look at it though as, if your romahome is anything like the majority, they have had allsorts of additions and amendments since they were first built!!

    I know that the electrics in ours were different to others we looked at, there were wires here, there and everywhere, some with in-line fuses etc. so I'd obviously suggest that as a starting place if you want to DIY. Our fridge was wired up wrongly, so the first time we used it, it melted one of the wires, the previous owner had mixed up the live and neutral.

    Our romahome didn't have a cigarette socket in the rear, so i'm unsure if the one you are talking about is up front or in the back - if its up front it could be a blown fuse or just burnt out - ours was so I just replaced it with a new one from an auto-spares.

    Do you have any power in the back?? You say the pump and fridge don't work, is this when you are plugged into the mains or off the leisure battery, or both? If you give more details, maybe others on here could offer potential remidies??

    I may still have a pdf version of the hijet workshop manual on my pc - I can't promise but I'll have a look when I get doesn't cover any of the back(romahome), only the hijet part. Things are a bit hectic around here at the mo so don't hold your breath though!!

    Good luck with it all, keeps us informed of how things go!!
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