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help! when is a c15d romahome expired? aimed at mechanics/welders and know-it-alls!

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  • Ramon

    my romahome is in portugal (central) anyone know any good welders/mechanics out there??????????

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  • ant
    The Main cross member can be welded, the two wheel arch chassis legs can be welded , the rear cross member can be welded, the engine bulk head and side sills can be welded, your problems start if the floor that the body is sitting on needs attention as this tend to set fire to the body when you try welding it!.

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  • help! when is a c15d romahome expired? aimed at mechanics/welders and know-it-alls!

    my romahome h reg is in need of some t.l.c.
    i,m worried i might just be thinking. "drive it into the breakers"
    can structural stuff like cross members of chassis be remade or at least strenghtened so i don,t have to every now and then fear the roma splits in two!

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