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stereo wiring hijet

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    stereo wiring hijet

    i have a romahome on a hijet pickup but there has never been a stereo or even wiring harness for a stereo in the cab. does anyone have any idea how to wire one up from scratch.

    We had an x reg daihatsu, it didn't have a stereo and although I can't offer advise as to wiring, I can offer some general advice.

    Firstly, the apparent slot for a stereo isn't much use, it isn't deep enough to house a stereo!! - unless yours has the added extra console around the gear stick but if that was the case, I would have thought a stereo would be fitted. The consoles sometimes come up on ebay but cost a fortune from a dealer.

    Instead, we paid an auto-electrician to fit our stereo. He put it into a cheap under dash mount tray, inside the glovebox. We lost a bit of storage space but the stereo was closed away and out of sight when not in use and I could drive and reach the stereo if I wanted although you could get a stereo with a small remote control to make things easier.

    Also, we needed an aeriel fitting and ended up buying from a dealer, again at silly cost but none of the ones the leccy bloke had would fit!!

    Hope thats some help.

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