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    Fiamma Caravanstore

    Hi. I've just bought a used (but not much) Fiamma Caravanstore awning to fit to my Mitsubago L300 pop-top camper. The awning is contained in a long zipped bag and is very light, ideal for my needs. The bag slides into the awning rail on the side of the van and is meant to stay in place but I'm a bit concerned about its' vulnerability to theft or even parting company with the van when it's being driven.

    Has anyone got the instructions for this awning or any idea how it should be secured in the rail?

    Thanks in anticipation!
    Nick D.

    when i fitted mine i drilled a hole from top to bottom through the awning rail and put an m4 stainless bolt in, or if no bolts handy a self tapping screw would do it, just keep the bolts close to the awning to stop it moving back and forth.

    hope this helps



      You can get end stoppers for the channel, like these
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        Awning solutions

        Thanks for both replies. I hadn't thought of drilling through the rail vertically, a brilliantly simple solution. The awning stops are very professional - the web site looks worth a rummage too.


          Just thought I'd let you know that the Caravanstore awning is now fitted to the Mitsubago. I went for the awning end stops from "caravanstuff4u" on eBay, one of my favourite sellers.

          The awning is in fantastic condition and appears to have had very little use even though the bag itself is a bit scruffy from living outdoors for most of its' life.

          I would post photos if I knew how!

          Thanks again for your help.


            caravanstore awnings

            I have a 2009 Berlingo VTR , its mainly used as a day van on our regular walking exploits .We use a tailgate awning we made but felt we needed a side awning .
            After a bit of research we settled on the Caravanstore 190cm awning ,it is mounted on a awning rail fitted to a 2x1 inch metalbar bolted to the roof crossbars.

            The total weight is about 10kg and extra secuirity measures taken by bolts through the rail to prevent theft .

            We have used it a great deal and find it a great bit of kit, well made and easy to use.


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