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12 volt compressor

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    12 volt compressor

    Can I use a 12 volt compressor from the 12 volt plugs in the R25 when I'm using ehu? ( to check/inflate the tyres). It recommends that if I use it from the cigarette lighter the engine should be running, which I don't think will make me very popular on site.

    I always keep the engine running - I have a car and a caravan to check! I usually do it late morning or early afternoon, it seems to annoy less people then!

    However I got one of these Micheline Tyre pressure gauges, on a keyring so I never leave home without it. I bought mine from a local car accessories shop. With this you can check the pressure is either ok or not before you start inflating. Quite often it's not necessary as no pressure has been lost.... Back with a link in a mo.

    Here's the link:

    I've had mine for over two years now and the battery is still going!

    ETA: I also bought an extension lead for the charger as to reach the far side caravan tyre from the car cig lighter is too far away.. I don't know if you'll have that trouble with your MH, worth checking the length of the lead though!
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      The battery drain of a 12volt compressor should not harm a good battery. However, you would look silly if you blew up your tyres and found you could not start the vehicle because the battery was not fully charged in the beginning.
      If you have an EHU and automatic leisure battery charge system there is no reason I can think of for not using that battery as your power source.
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        Assuming that the Zig unit is an automatic leisure battery charger, I should be ok then Otherwise I'll follow your timings Jayjay!
        Thanks for your help folks :


          I always have the engine running, too. Bargains to be had on Amazon!
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