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    Originally posted by blackadderkate View Post
    I have seen something called a "Steering Wheel Stalk Adapter" for Berlingos, which allegedly allows you to control the separate display - including setting the time. I haven't fitted one - so I can't say whether it works or not...
    I don't know about "adapter" but our R20 Berlingo has a third steering wheel stalk which operates the audio and display. I know it worked when it was new (2011) because I tried it out on the driveway and it did everything the book said it should.

    Never used it since though!


      Originally posted by jondxxx View Post
      I was pretty impressed myself when it actually worked. It is an original cassette although I am surprised that they were still fitting them as late as 2003.

      Total cost was £4.35 but that was at Maplins rip off prices.
      My 2005 Outlook has the same radio/cassette and my previous 2007 Citroen Relay camper also had a radio cassette as standard!


        Our older model R20 Berlingo bought late 2010 has radio controls on the stalk - I think they were standard. Opposite to you Geoff I often use them to adjust volume or skip CD tracks. Easier and safer than reaching over, and quicker than asking Liz to put her knitting down and do it from the passenger seat. Dunno if they adjust the clock - always do that manually but fail to understand why I paid over £30K for a van and don't get a clock that can keep time, ours gains a minute or two each month.


          Originally posted by kernowjon View Post
          Jon - don't forget to check whatever you fit is "dual band" - Band III and L Band and DAB and DAB+ - otherwise next trip to Europe and you will not get reception in some places.
          Costwise we decided to stick with FM Radio and CD in the cab and we have a Bush Portable FM and DAB for the accomodation side. About half the cost of the cheapest vehicle DAB radio.
          Exactly what I did, the cost of changing cab radios is not worth the effort IMHO. A DAB radio for use in the back was a far cheaper alternative !
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            We are upgrading because it is cheap to do so. I just bought a s/h Blaupunkt CD 300 for peanuts. Maybe at last we will get some radio reception - something clever 2 arial inputs and it chooses which has the better signal.
            As it cannot be worse than the present old Kenwood. The trouble in the HiJet is lack of space - nowhere for the speakers except the doors
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              Originally posted by jondxxx View Post
              My understanding is that the aim is to select speakers with an RMS or continuous power rating to approximately match the amplifier output. I am very pleased with my budget JVC speakers.
              Yes that's about it I think. After reading far more geek speak than I really wanted too I arrived at the idea that the speakers RMS rating should be a tad (maybe 10%?) more than the RMS output of the head unit. To prevent them running flat out all the time I suppose? Its peak becomes irrelevant once it is more than the amps peak output.

              Not been easy finding such a simple answer at all. Both player and speaker manufacturers using different measurements and presenting them in different ways, many sellers not even responding to questions and the internet being it's usual mine of missinformation overload and confusion.

              The disagreement and argument over minute variations of sound output which are usually far beyond the hearing range of human beings, makes Brexit look like a picnic.

              I went for these in the end:-

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