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    4X4 questions

    This recent spell of snow has got me thinking! Our motorhome is a 4X4, but I have very little idea of how to use it correctly. I assumed I'll never need to know, but guess it would be sensible to know, just in case.

    I think I'm right in the following, but would anyone be able to confirm this or tell me where I've gone wrong??

    We have selectable 4WD (high and low) and locking front hubs. so,

    I use 2wd and hubs unlocked in normal conditions

    I lock the hubs and use 4H 4wd if the conditions are bad. I then unlock when back on a treated road.

    I lock the hubs and use 4L 4wd if the conditions are terrible and I go really slowly, then use 4H or 2wd as per above.

    using 4H or 4L whilst the hubs are unlocked is bad under normal driving conditions.

    many thanks in advance for any pointers etc!!

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    Hi Glen

    With my old Suzuki 410 I used to lock the front hubs before I set off as you needed to fiddle with the front wheels. It is OK to drive without the hubs freewheeling, in fact the freewheeling hubs were an extra. I think they improve fuel economy. I have only ever used the 4WD low gear when offroad. It can be useful if you need to crawl.

    If you drive a 4WD, that doesn't have a diff between the front and back wheels, on a non slippery surface, you get "windup" due to the back wheels not travelling as far when you go round corners. Hence the need to get back into normal drive.

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      Out road has been a sheet of polished ice since Friday. It is a cul de sac, requiring a three point turn at the end outside our house, it is also on a slope.

      This morning, yet again, the milkman delivered the goods using his three wheel electric milk float.

      Does this show that a 2x3 is all that is needed on ice. Robin Reliant drivers please comment.



        Originally posted by barry5 View Post
        Does this show that a 2x3 is all that is needed on ice. Robin Reliant drivers please comment.
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          In my days of owning a Landrover low range automatically meant 4wd. I once spoke to a landrover engineer and asked why. He said that in low range so much torque was produced that you could easily snap a half shaft if it was only 2wd. Assuming this info to be correct I would be very wary of using low range except in 4wd. By the way lowrange first or second gear should climb a house side on tickover.


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