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    Hub Caps

    We have lost ( had stolen?) two hub caps from our 2002 Duo. They were both on the passenger side of the van and disappeared at more or less the same time and both had strong plastic ties also securing the caps so I suspect that somebody had lost a couple and helped themselves to ours!!

    I am looking on the web for 4 replacements and I'm a bit confused. I have checked the wheel and it says 175/65/R 14C and according to one site I looked at the 14 means 14" hubs?

    It seems I might also need to know the engine type,and the body (original) variant, .

    Now the choice on one site for the body variant is BOX or MPV so I'm guessing the original vehicle would be BOX before Romahome converted it?

    On the DVLA website it states our vehicle is 1868cc but the Hub cap website only offers me 1.8D or 1.9D so do I go up or down please?

    I might have to try and find a breakers locally that does 2002 Berlingo spares I suppose

    Any help would be appreciated

    Sandra - do I assume you mean wheel trims - The Citroen ones are expensive - Like £25-99 for one

    Or you go for pattern parts - as an example this set of 4 are £13-99

    This will take you to the search page on ebay to find the right size and profile wheel trims for a citroen Berlingo

    So far as I can see you pay about £100 + for 4 wheel trims with the Citroen chevrons or less than £20 for 4 that fit and do not have the chevrons. I hope that helps

    Only 2 been nicked - have a look at your local caravanners -
    Amor omnia vincit et nos cedamus amori


      Thanks Jon.

      I had looked at Ebay (which was where I realised I needed the correct information regarding size)

      We aren't bothered whether they have the chevrons but the problem seems to be that if we go for the cheaper ones they appear to be either 5 studs or no studs and ours have 4.

      I'll have to get the other half to tour round the breakers I think .

      Thanks again


        Sandra the studs are only cosmetic and have no impact on the wheel or wheel fitment. Just get whichever you like. My trims are spoked which means they are easier to get the cable ties through.
        Amor omnia vincit et nos cedamus amori


          Brilliant. Thanks for that info Jon


            Sandra, I recently bought a set of wheel trims for my Berlingo based van from Argos, they were £15.99.(I didn't fancy having something as fragile as that sent in the post). Like you, I only really needed two as two of the originals were still in place on one side. I have just left the originals where they were and put two of the new ones on the other side. After all, no-one can see both sides of the van at the same time and this way I still have two brand new trims in reserve!


              Thanks for that Jenjo.

              We were in Halfords this morning and we were able to get a set. Couldn't match the originals but as you say, the missing ones are both on the same side so we'll put two on and have two in reserve.


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