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    Shock absorbers

    I am having difficulty getting a rear pair of shocks for my 2003 c15 hylo,main dealer can`t help ,ebay list them for base model van ,but when asked for reg number,then don`t stock,but as far as i am concerned it says 600d on logbook so should fit,anyone came across this?

    Could it be that the V5 details say the "model" is "hylo" which it will not recognise?
    I have a modified car which it is a Triumph Vitesse base. Dealer software will not recognise the conversion name "Gentry! Consequently I always have to buy spares for "Triumph Vitesse".
    I would think that the shock absorbers you need will be the standard c15 Hylo. But that is only my opinion as an ex-motor engineer!
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      v5 describes vehicle as body type motor caravan model c15 champ 600d, but main dealer refer me to ebay and then find them in search,but suppliers don`t seem to grasp it is champ running gear,doing my head in such a mission trying to get basic parts


        I know what you mean. I was converting a German LHD camper to RHD and without a british reg number most spares places were 'unable to assist'. What did work was to go to Euro Car Parts in person and get the chap behind the counter to get the paper catalogue out and he looked up the parts successfully. I suggest you try that, actually go to a human behind a counter with your V5 for the chassis number because that sometimes varies the actual fitting.
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          May help you to estblish the base vehicle. Some were on chassis cabs and others on cutdown vans. Then ignore the fact it is a camper and it is either a Chassis Cab / pickup or it is a van.

          Also maybe try Armstrongs catalogue - the vanmax range.

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            I have just ordered two from ebay and have my fingers crossed that they will be the right ones. Did you manage to source the correct ones Rusty?


              I run a classic land rover as well as our camper and our car. I often have to do a bit of lateral thinking when trying to source parts.

              The alternator on our Romahome decided to die this week, trying to find an alternator was a nightmare, so many different ones listed against our registration number. In the end I went to a local auto electricians (Ribblesdale Auto Electrics, Preston) who supplied the correct one straight off. They explained that there are only 2 different models for our Berlingo, one has ring terminals for both connections and the other has a plug on the thin wire.

              Whilst fixing this I discovered that the sump is so rusty that it is leaking. I ordered a new sump off ebay on wednesday and it arrived on thursday. It is an alloy sump so it wont rust again but I now need longer fixing bolts.



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