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Servicing in Glasgow

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    Servicing in Glasgow

    Hi All

    I have to say that I think this forum is wonderful. I have been lurking a lot and gotten lots of really useful information and advice to help me in doing up my new (to me) demountable Romahome. So thank you to all you people!

    I think my Romahome is from the 80s and the fridge and the cooker are both in need of a service. The fridge seems to have the original rivets holding it in place so I'm assuming it hasn't been taken out since it was first installed. While one ring on the cooker is great to cook with, the other ring burns with a really horrible oily black soot which coats the van and is hard to get off - I'm not using it any more. I have tried a good clean but I think it needs some professional attention.

    Does anyone know of anywhere in or around Glasgow in Scotland I could take it to get seen to?

    Many thanks


    if it burns that sooty then the air /gas mix is wrong and not enough air is getting in,I suggest you phone Ant at Avon motor Caravans and he will advise how to adjust the mix,I think JayJay is right it is a small screw that you adjust but speak with Ant.
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