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DIY Technical Advise - hole for tumble dryer

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    DIY Technical Advise - hole for tumble dryer

    So I have to drill a hole in the wall for the tumble dryer.
    Ive done it before. We have bricks on the outside, then a gap/insulation then breeze blocks.
    Last time I stich drilled around the brick mortar and took a brick out.

    However I am wondering whether I might be better with an SDS drill and a big diamond core 4" bit.

    Has anyone ever used one?

    Sorry this post maybe in the wrong section.

    Yes I put extractor fans in for the council, 4 inch core bits are great (?) leave a nice round hole, the down side is you could do with a hover for it as its very dusty. If I do one now not being on the council and not being able to get that sort of tool, I would do as you did drill the hole out. But thats my thoughts some one could have diffrent thoughts.


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