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Lucas injection pump help.

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    Lucas injection pump help.

    hiya guys,

    since buying my c15 i have had some issues but fortunatlly i have over come them all.....but now my injector pump is knackered !
    i'm trying to find a replacement , if comes from a 1993/4 1.8 xud7 161a and has a part number of
    but i see lots of other pumps out there that have the same horse power etc as mine and says they fit 1.8's from '89-'00 but i can not figure out if i can use these or not!

    any help would be awesome as always,

    many thanks

    brian and lucky

    I think you should have posted in Ask Ant he will know - so to attract his attention to this post - this is an ant type question. Any problem with a C15 always Ask Ant.
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      kernowjon ....thank you dude...would be lost with out your input ant . . . any help would be epic


        The XUD7 1769cc diesel was fitted with many different injection pumps, Lucas, Bosch Siemens, they will all do the same job but may need some fiddling with to get the throttle links right, fuel inlets and returns and the stop solenoids working. As far as I can remember the fitting of the pump and timing it was the same for all but much easier to match the one you've got for a straight swap. The XUD7 was used by pretty much everyone in the Motor industry so don't limit your search to just the PSA group, Polski Fiat FSO to Volvo used it.


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