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Replacing halogen spot lights with LEDs

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    Replacing halogen spot lights with LEDs

    Hi there,

    I'm planning to replace my four halogen reading light bulbs with LEDs. They are MR11 10W bulbs, 35mm diameter, and have a rubber retaining ring. Can I just buy the equivalent in LEDs, or do I have swap out anything else? I've seen some reviews where folk have swapped out halogens for LEDs in a domestic setting and have experienced flickering. Is this an issue with 12v lighting?

    I'm also wondering about replacing my light above the hob, which has two G4 bulbs, with LED equivalents. Again, can I just swap them over or do I have to replace anything else?

    Thanks for your time.

    Gill T.

    Gill if they are all 12v then just swap ensuring they have the same base - there is a slim chance someone may have inadvertently incorrectly wired the light fitting - in which case the LED bulb will not light - no panic simply open the bulb holder and change the wires around - there are only 2.
    I had this on one of my Daihatsu sidelights - a momentary bout of head scratching, "why no light?" Then realised the negative went to wrong pin swapped wires over and all is fine.
    So in general just swap the bulbs and you will be fine.
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