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Help - my ceiling's falling down!

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    Help - my ceiling's falling down!

    Hi. Can anyone help? The lining on my 1992 Talbot Avalon has become detached from the ceiling. I have tried injecting it with a couple of different glues, but with no success. Anyone else had this problem?

    Oh dear, I am afraid I can't suggest a remedy myself directly, but hope its helpfull to suggest the following.....

    a) A fuller description of the lining (is it carpet thats come unglued or car type trim?) might be helpful.
    b) I would also stick a post on Motorhome and UKcampsites, and the Selfbuild motorhome sites, under the appropriate headings to widen your chances of finding a solution.
    c) Re-posting it in the Ask Ant sections may bear fruit too he's a nice chap I understand!

    Theres loads of practical advice on here from friendly folk, someone with more knowledge will come along! I can't remember anyone on here having an Avalon or its predecessor Camelot before.....
    Hope you get it sorted, and I hope you stick around this site too..... You'll be made welcome.

    All the best
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      Carpet glue in an aerosol can seems to work for the carpet type linings.

      Gorilla glue might be the thing to stick it back if its fabric type. However, you need to be carful with this stuff, it foams up so you need to do it in little bits at a time.


        first of all find out why it came down is there any damp at play .or are the roof batterns warping


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