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Demountable legs

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    Demountable legs

    Hi, I`m Jack and this is my first time on this site. I have recently aquired a pick-up complete with a demountable camper stuck on the back. Although I have converted six vans into campers this is a whole different ball game to me. I have stripped the camper itself back to virtually the alluminium and reframed it, also rewiring done. At this point I realised it will take some time to bring the camper back to a presentable unit and decided to demount it so as I might use the truck. The legs were made for something but certainly not this one. Can anyone please let me know of any companies that specialise in making legs for demountables?


    Hi, Jack
    Welcome to the site,
    Lots of members and info available too,
    You could try this link to the various manufactures of demountable units, manufacturers.php

    A phone call should start you on the trail,
    Have you a local blacksmith or fabrication company near?
    Hope to hear more of your project on site
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      Hi Jack, welcome to the forum

      You don't say what type of demountable you have, is it the early romahome mounted on a acty, diahatsu etc or a later type mounted on a L200, ranger, etc???

      If it's the romahome I'm sure there are people who can point you in the right direct with regards to the original design for someone to fabricate some for you, they do occasionally appear in ebay etc too.

      Unfortunately, if it's the newer, bigger demountable, as far as I am aware you will be the first on the forum with such a camper!!!!
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        This company have been making demountables since 1974. They might be able to help



          Originally posted by Jack Dodds View Post
          I have stripped the camper itself back to virtually the alluminium and reframed it, also rewiring done...
          If the camper is alluminium, then it won't be a romahome demoutable - as far as I know, they are all fibreglass.GRP. So it's likely to be a Bambi - on a Bedford Rascal perhaps? You'll have to come back and let us know!

          Welcome to the Forum, Jack!


            Here's a link to another thread, which mentions where you can find the manuals for these:


              try local engineering firm some one who make stuff in steel likeexternal staircases,or burgervans ,the leg must fit into a socket of some descriptiion or local steel stockist


                I have heard of people having farm jacks modified (sometimes called Landrover jacks)
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                  Hi Jack

                  Are you sure ita a demountable ?
                  Romahome demountable are ALL made of fibreglass. These are bolted on with four easily removed brackets. They have two rear steadies (like car jacks) and two removable front jacking legs that slot into brackets under the the pod near to the front. The pod is only accesable via the rear door.

                  There are aliminum campers like the Bambi of Nipper that are coach built onto a base vehicle, usually a Rascal. They can be unbolted and removed but are not classed as a demountable. The rear camping section of these vehicles
                  can be acessed from the cab.

                  My friend is a blacksmith/welder and i had an extra set made for ny works pod (as this uses two sets of legs) for around £60 including all of the material.


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