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coil spring help please

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    coil spring help please

    hello again,
    i'm steve i've a romahome duo 2002 built on a berlingo and yep one of my coil springs snapped ,
    i have read all the threads i can find and am a little fuzzy on what would be the best replacement spring to get ,i would like it to be a bit stiffer but am not sure what to look for

    many thanks

    Are we talking front springs or rear auxilliary springs?

    Front are just standard Citroen Berlingo van springs available from any Motor Factor and should be replaced in pairs.

    Rear auxilliary springs if fitted originally by Romahome are from
    Contact them about the broken one as they have a lifetime guarantee, they also offer upgraded ones, I have these fitted to my 2007 Outlook.

    Replacing the rears is a do it yourself job if you are careful. The fronts are more of a pain and you need to be a competent mechanic. Ask if you ne3ed more info.



      Just to clarify things, the rear "MAD" springs have a lifetime guarantee for the first owner only, any broken springs replaced to subsequent owners will be chargeable. All replacement "MAD" springs are now uprated and will need replacing in pairs.


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