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Propex hs2000 heater fault

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    Propex hs2000 heater fault

    I purchased a second hand Propex hs2000 heater and fitted it to my camper van.
    When I set it away it runs fine for 10 minutes then the burner switches off and I get a 5 flash fault code.
    The inlet and exhaust pipes are both new and there are no blockages in the inlet or the exhaust paths inside the heater.
    Any help please.

    This post from 2016 may be relevant: Propex customer services are reported to be very helpful too.


      Done some more trawling .... Now I have to tread a bit carefully here because posting links to other forums (gasp!) is a spanking offence, so I've just copied a chunk of text and post it below in blue italics. Seems these units are a bit temperamental. Were you to google "propex 2000 5 flash fault" you too could venture into these forbidden places!

      Do keep us posted on progress ... we need all the excitement we can get in these strange times.
      "The early hs 2000's had an air sensing fan on the inlet side ( you can't see this) they were prone to sticking , if your inlet and exhaust pipes are both stainless then it's a good chance you have an early one, to free the fan off simply blow up the inlet inlet pipe either by mouth or compressed air , you can use a hoover ,it's just to get the fan free..

      if the inlet pipe is black plastic then you have a later one, they changed the air sensor to a sold state affair, the exhaust and inlet pipes should be the same length ,on the early version this didn't really matter, the ends of the pipes should be at least 18" apart, if it sniffs it's own exhaust it will shut down,

      charge your battery over night on a domestic charger, don't rely on the split charger, check all your electrical connections and as stated butane starts to gel at 4 degrees or so, in the winter months propane is the better gas.

      sometimes it does take a while to get the gas through so be patient and let the heater go through it's cycle it could take as much as 20 times of switching on and letting go through it's cycle.

      This is exactly the problem I had with mine earlier this year. I had previously fitted these units to 2 other vans without any problem. I had shortened one of the pipes by 3" and unit would not run. I contacted Propex and they took me through various tests, none of which worked. In the end I sent the unit back to Propex for testing. When it came back it came with 1 steel and 1 plastic pipe, neither or which should be shortened. I assume they fitted one of the new sensors. Now everything works as it should.

      If you can borrow a red propane bottle I would still try that - just to eliminate one more thing. They are called Propex, not Bupex after all!

      This is a classic example of "Keep It Simple Stupid". The old (red) Propex 1600 compacts were legendarily reliable - then they add a load of sensors to the new Heatsource models and things start to get infuriating."


        Mike not sure about the "keep it simple stupid" (usually I am a fan of KISS in design) as the later model does not have the mechanical spinning disk which can get stopped by spiders.

        This is the Propex support page where you can download manuals

        I assume your heater is pre 2018 in which case this link takes you to the PDF manual

        5 Flashes are an internal fault contact Propex - possibly blowing through with compressed air is a good idea as if it is spiders etc it may clear the problem.

        Support the NHS go to Just Giving


          Hi everyone thanks for all the advice and tips, update just to let you all know I’ve fixed it πŸ€žπŸ€žπŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
          when it was running I noticed that the fan motor seem to be slowing down then it would cut out showing the five flashes
          so I spoke to Propex on Tuesday the engineer agreed with my conclusion that the fan motor was possibly worn out
          so new motor ordered Β£58.66 came today fitted tonight and it’s all working fine
          I decided to dismantle the old motor and discovered the brushes were worn out


            Hi, my propex hs2000 had a intermittent problem where it would ignite then shut down after 4 or 5 seconds, sometimes it would flash twice and sometimes 5 flashes, seemingly the newer heaters were fitted with a upgrade and done away with the moving parts, ( spinning disk ) after checking the exhaust and inlet for blockages I returned the heater to propex, new PCB and flame sensor was required, all for £189 including labour, PCB comes in at £99 + vat😳


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