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Not sure if i am in the right part of the forum , but....

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    Not sure if i am in the right part of the forum , but....

    i have a daihatsu hijet 1.0, r reg, 97, it has a normal roof with two sunroofs, i was wondering if anyone has any ideas or advice for me?

    i am buying a sit on top kayak, (teksport excite 290) and was wondering about putting roof bars on to carry it.

    Would it be safe and stable at all, and if so at what speeds?

    My dad is not reccomending i carry one but was wondering if anyone here has or knows someone who has done this?

    on motorways i tend to stick between 55 and 60 mph.

    canoe racks

    Have a look at this link,

    Many variations available, even one which would fit over the hi roof,
    You can contact them and ask their advice, regarding safe speeds
    If mistakes are the foundation of understanding, i have firm foundation,Underpinned by much in the way of I don't want to do that again


      How about using the Kari-tek system?

      It's more expensive but if you have a high roof then, loading the kayak from the side, saves a lot of stretching. It's a good system which we use and would recommend.


        This looks like a great idea, thanks


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