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Old insulation..

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    Old insulation..

    I have decided to refurbish the pod of my demountable and at the weekend whilst pulling out the old carpet I have found behind it what I can only describe as silver paint back velour type stuff...

    I am guessing this is what was used to insulate the van originally... did Island Plastics get the pods spray insulated?

    What do they put under the carpet lining now?

    Need something that will stick to the fibre glass and then have the carpet over the top of it ..

    I have been offered the silver foil insulation tape but if I use that what glue will stick to the silver foil?

    Any help appreciated, thank you .. (pics will follow, poor pod looks a sad state at the moment )
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    Hi MM! Mine had been 'refurbished' before I bought it... where the carpet lining had unpeeled itself, underneath was just the fibreglass shell. I stuck it back with spray carpet glue. I assumed there was no other insulation required! It was certainly warm enough with just the carpet for insulation anyway.

    Mine was carpeted all over except for the sink area. And it was a foam backed corded carpet, which I saw in a few more demountables as well.

    Good luck with it - let's have a few photo's!


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