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Help! The lights won't go off!

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    Help! The lights won't go off!

    My neighbour just kindly informed me that I'd left my lights on. Couldn't understand this because I'd checked when I parked but went down anyway to find my rear reversing lights on (the white ones)! Try as I might, I can't get them to go off. The van wasn't even sitting in reverse and I haven't used it since the weekend.

    Does anyone know what's going on? I've just had a new battery fitted (engine one, not the leisure battery) and it looks like I'm about to flatten it.



    PS I've taken the precaution of removing the bulbs so hopefully I won't have a flat battery.
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    Could you get whoever fitted the battery to come out and check it's connected properly? I also thought that you would probably need to disconnect the battery from the positive terminal when not in use until its sorted out. (and put the terminal end on a piece of plastic or rubber, not on anything metal or it will continue to discharge).

    I'm not a lot of help, am I? I hope someone will be along soon to give you a clue what to do.


      reverse sensor dont know where it is as i dont know what camper you got think on mine it on gear box it senses when in reverse and light up lights


        Originally posted by AGING HIPPY View Post
        reverse sensor dont know where it is as i dont know what camper you got think on mine it on gear box it senses when in reverse and light up lights
        I think mine is a switch operated by the gear lever itself, but it's not a romahome.
        Does your van beep when reversing? if it was the switch I'd expect that to be going as well as the lights. It's my first thought though. Taking the bulbs out is a good reaction, but if there's a short somewhere it might not be enough, and disconnecting the battery would be better.


          , at jim d

          There is a switch/actuator on the side of the autobox,it has a pluged connector make sure that is ok.
          The only other fuse could be the one for the rear lights (under the hood)No8 15amp.

          taken from this page

          until we know what vechile it is it like looking for needle in haystack
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            Just had a quick look though djsooz previous postings, looks like its a c15 but not sure of year I'm afraid.

            EDIT: a 1995 hitop c15, unless of course she changed her can!!
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              The reverse light switch is in the top of the gearbox housing. If you look under the air filter you'll see the lever that works the clutch, next to that is the reverse light switch, you can pull the wires off and unscrew it. If the plunger on the switch is stuck in thats your problem, if it looks ok, then lokk at the brown multi connector under the drivers seat they tend to sit in a damp environment and corrode for a passtime.

              from 2008 found on this board lol


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