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    iv got a daihatsu hijet romahome and i cant see anything but the romahome with the mirrors on the daihatsu van and can see no vehicles behind me. i can see plenty of extendable mirrors online but they are all for fixing to 'landscape' shaped mirrors and the daihatsu has 'portrait' shaped mirrors. i dont know the technical terms but hope someone can help or give advice.

    I don't have your problem, but had a quick google and found this page. The owner had put base extensions on the mirrors, and shows them on the second row from the bottom, of the pics on the first page. Hope that's helpful.

    They're not that tidy a solution, but then again neither are the mirror extensions, and at least you could drive till a better solution turned up.
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      We had this problem when we had our diahatsu romahome, we just bought a pair of cheap towing mirrors from towsure with stretchy rubber straps to hold it to the mirror. The problem then was the weight and wind drag caused the original mirrors to move whenever we were driving, it turned out they were slightly damaged so I just glued them into the position I wanted them in.
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        Had the same prob with my Bedford Rascal roma - I bought something very similar to these:

        Also look at the rock steady range, I think mine were that particular make. They stayed on permanently and had rubber straps to hold the 'arm' securely onto the original mirror.

        Ah - found the exact ones I used on my liddle van - here they are:

        As I recall it was a bit of a struggle getting them on, my son helped with that. The clips/screws worked wonderfully and the straps once fixed made them stay where they were supposed to. And you can swivel them around so they are 'portrait' style. They were very good and I remember thinking, 'now I can reverse' and it made that very easy, also knowing that there was a line of traffic behind you (mine was a right slow coach!) and when to pull over was good as well. They stayed on the van permanently, never came off and went with the van when I sold it.

        To adjust them, you just simply adjusted the main mirrors on the van and they magically went the same way!.
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