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Glow Plugs Not Working

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    Glow Plugs Not Working

    I just wanted to point out a problem that both myself and the previous owner of our Romahome Duo+ Berlingo 1.9D registered sept 96 have had.
    Sometimes the glow plug light would come on and go off straight away.
    Sometimes it would stay on showing the glow plugs plugs where heating.
    The older Berlingo's need heat most times, if you stop it for say 20 mins etc.
    Sometimes you could get it to start if the glow plugs weren't working but loads of black smoke would ensue from the unburnt fuel. Not too nice if your in a posh pub carpark etc.
    The only other way to start was with a wiff of easystart down the air inlet pipe or a jump lead from the + pole on battery to top of 1st glow plug, jump in cab quickly tap in code a turnover starts first time. Jump out again remove jump lead, slam bonnet, Got quite a few strange looks doing this.
    This had been going on for a couple of years, probably why previous owner sold to me(He did point out problem though).3 times garages had put new glow relays on and it seemed to work for a while only to start again.
    We tried changing relays with the same result worked for awhile ,then intermitant , then not at all.
    It was surggested to swap ignition switch or have the wiring stripped down.
    Citroen wanted a day at £85hr to do this.
    The cure was a faulty feed to glow plug relay caused by corrosion in the terminal on relay connection. Took 2hrs to track down at £45hr but so far worth it. Everytime new relay had been put on it disturbed connection allowing it to work for awhile.
    The problem with something like this is it seems obvious now in hindsight, but because it was intermitant and seemed cured for a time after changing relays it took 5 garages 2 years to find,
    Hope it stays working now.
    Sorry about long post just thought it might help someone else with same problem.:so happy:
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    Glad you got that sorted Peter. I have bought and sold a few motorhomes lately and some of them had poor connections in the wiring so I replaced 150 connections of various sizes and don't have to worry about buyers phoning back with complaints. My main motorhome now I have replaced much wiring and connecters too and I'll have peace of mind. Some of the terminals on various relays were corroded so I just bought new ones.

    With what you know now you'll be able to do more for yourself and stop giving ££££s to others with their extortionate prices.


      This is modern technology at its worst and affects almost all modern vehicles after the initial honeymoon.
      Some bright financial wizard realised that if he could save one penny per vehicle on a production run of 1,000,000 vehicles profits would go up by £10,000!
      So. Pushing electrical connections together instead of soldering or screwing saved FAR more than one penny and similar economies could be made in other areas too. Boosting the profits.
      If we use vehicles in all weather or keep them too long from new WE have to suffer the consequences!

      Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


        Thanks guys for your thoughts.
        I won't start changing all my connections just yet as I would probably end up in a right mess. Just glad this annoying problem has been found.
        Hope if anyone has a similar fault it will help them get it sorted reading about mine. I hate intermitant electrical faults especially you think you've found it just to be proved wrong a few miles down the road,
        A few years ago I had a V8 Rangerover with carbs and an aftermarket lumenition electronic ignition fitted. You could drive for hours it would suddenly die. mess about with connections, check fuel getting threw etc start up think everthing ok. A few days weeks go by same thing happenes. Call AA gets there starts straightaway.
        Only when the Lumenition packed up altogether did we realise it was that. Assumed it was supposed to be more reliable than the points. Change back to points cured it but at the cost of 3/4 mpg not much you might think but it only did 18mpg at best. Swapped it for a Disco 200tdi what a difference nearly 40mpg.
        Just wanted to add I reckon I've found a very good garage. He charged me £203 for mot, change front coil suspension spring, free up brake sensor regulator and a couple of hours finding glow plug fault.
        Previouly they kept to a quote of 2hrs labour to change 2 front suspension bushes on Jan's Honda CRV it took them a day on and off . No wonder honda only sell the complete suspension arms at £250 a side.
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