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C 15 brake caliper leak

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    C 15 brake caliper leak

    I bought my C15 from Stowmarket Caravans in Suffolk on Dec 5th 2009, my birthday. The day before it was given 12 months MOT. However after 3 days I found the front left caliper was leaking oil so I knew I'd have to repair it eventually and not return it to the dealer as I live in Brixham ( a small town in Devon).

    Looking through the invoices from the previous lady owner I found an invoice for £80 for a front left caliper replaced only 12 months ago and 3000 miles.

    Today 1st april I stripped it down and removed the seal from inside the caliper cylinder. The seal had a gauge from when it was fitted by the supplier or reconditioners. This is because it was not pushed in straight at the start of fitting.

    Anyway I bought a kit for both side s off ebay at £22 but cheaper than an exchange caliper.

    So if anyone has a leak on their caliper and you decide to do the job yourself then make sure you fit the piston in straight right from the start and smear the new seal with a little brake fluid to help it slide in.

    Fit dust cover before inserting piston and keep things clean.

    If unsure then ask Ant as you have to clamp the rubber hose before and bleed the air out after.

    I tested them in front of a hoodie boy, and they're better now, shame

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