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C15 1988 Track control Arm problems

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    C15 1988 Track control Arm problems

    I knew something was worn by the knocking from my left front going over bumps. So I jacked up the front and found the rubber bushes were worn in the track control arm that joins the anti-roll bar.

    I ordered some off ebay for £3.49. They arrived I fitted them in place and then I noticed the hub ball joint was free moving in my hand. Further investigation found the rubber boot was split and I knew that was the course of the knocking.

    A week later I bought a complete track control arm off ebay for £8. This has all the bushes and the ball joint too. So off with the wheel, on with the spring compressers, off with the old arm and on with the new arm, off with the compressers, on with the wheel, off with the jack.

    Now it's knock free, trouble is when I put in the jack the jacking point gave in so now I've got to remake part of the cill and floor. This time though it'll be out of stainless steel.

    Apart from that there's only been a few probs, about 20 so far:eek:

    Very impressive! I had the same trouble last year with my 93 C15 and it cost upwards of £80 to get it fixed.

    I think I need to flex my mechanical skills a little more if I want to give my van a long and active life.


      I think being fair I would say any vehicle no matter what has a certain life span and mine is no different. Rust was the main problem, luckily I'm a welder so I cut out the mild steel and replaced with stainless in many places.

      The throttle cable wasn't smooth so I lubed it, door lock rough so they were stripped and lubed. Heater blower was knackered so I replaced, Tail pipe disintegrated so I made a stainless one.

      leisure battery had a useless cell so I bought another. All the front suspension has now been stripped, derusted, greased and painted, then re-built.

      I took the top cam-belt cover off and found the writing on it was rubbed out so I replaced with a belt from a car boot sale £1 but still took 3 hr to fit. There's more to do when I'm in the mood.

      One key factor in all these jobs is the fact I am a former diesel fitter/mechanic on commercial vehicles and now welder fabricator.

      I can understand why you were charged £80, it's because the price of beer is so high in that mechanic's local


        The track control arm I bought off ebay a few weeks ago is now breaking its rubber bushes down. outer bushes have too much play and rubber is coming apart, wheel moves back and forth, so much for saving money.

        beware when buying what apperars to be cheap parts.
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