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C15 Romahome thermostat cover

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    C15 Romahome thermostat cover

    that's better.

    I thought it would be a good idea to totally fush the entire cooling system of my romahome
    I've done many cars and vans when I was a commercial mechanic years ago but the camper was a pain.

    The 4 bolts after 22years sheared off the thermostat cover so I had to weld some nuts onto the studs/remains and get them off. I flushed the whole system and then made a new gasket. Four 8m bolts from a shop at 45p each should have finished the job but no. the threads are not 8m or 6m they must be 7 m so I had to drill and tap each hole for a 8m thread and drill 9m holes into the cover.

    So remember if you flush the engine and the rad on a old Romahome it may not be possible to get the bolts out so unless it really needs it just flush the radiator

    Ouch, that sounds very time consuming!

    One of the first things I did on my Rascal was to change the thermostat, I would have been very wary had I known what could happen. A tip I picked up from the Rascal Enthusiasts site, is if there's the slightly difficulty undoing the housing, heat the bolts up.



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