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Citroen Romahome - correct tyres

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    Citroen Romahome - correct tyres

    I have just purchased a 1995 Citroen Romahome (C15D base).
    I will not be using it as a main vehicle, so it will be standing most of each month.

    Sadly, it has different tyres on every wheel - all in good condition.
    However, the spare is barely legal.

    Any recommendations as to the correct tyre I should have?

    I appreciate any advice from experienced Romahomers.

    All I know is that you are supposed to have commercial standard tyres, otherwise your insurance will be invalid if you have a tyre related accident!


      You have to have reinforced (van) tyres otherwise insurance problems. Large tyre suppliers try to tell you that they are hard to get hold of and that you can fit the same size car tyres. The size is 155X13. Internet based suppliers such as blackcircles, etyres and mytyres can get them and arrange for you to have them fitted at a fitting station near you, often much cheaper than you would think and some are mobile and will fit at your own home


        I just asked my local garage for the right sized tyres and said they needed to be commercial van tyres, not car tyres. They didn't have any in, but soon ordered some and they were no more expensive than car tyres. Good luck! And Hello!


          Citroen Romahome - correct tyres

          Hi to all three of you

          Thanks for the help. I was worried about them, and glad to learn about the important side of insurance regarding the commercial tyres.

          Now that I am "pre-armed", I can get things organized.

          (Off to Germany next week, so I have to rush).

          Thanks again


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