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Hot water tank leak

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    Hot water tank leak

    Has anyone removed the hot water tank from a Duo?
    We appear to have water (clean) squirting from the joint between the hot w/tank & the expansion tank (?). It's very hard to see in there but with a mirror angled just so (before it got wet) I could just make it out. I don't think I can get in there with a tool to tighten the clip up.
    I believe the water hasn't been used since last year, I'm obviously thinking the worst.
    Any ideas, tips, all would be appreciated..

    Thanks Derwen.

    After a longer look (at home) I found that the flexible outlet hose from the pump had all but come off the copper pipe to the tank. This is hidden from view behind the hot w/tank. A very small hole in the seat base above allowed my wifes very small hands in to support the pipe & push the hose back on.
    Job done, happy bunny.
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