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    Adding Seatbelts

    Hi all,

    Happy to be on the forum, looking forward to finding my way around.

    I've just bought my first campervan / conversion (two hours ago) and so I'm just starting out at the nursery slopes..

    I've purchased a late 80s van to see how we go without too much outlay at the beginning.

    This means that I have to do some things to bring it up to speed. The first and the reason for this thread is I need to have a couple of seatbelts fitted for my young daughters in the L shaped living room area at the end of the van. Currently there is only the driving and passenger seatbelts.

    How do I go about this? I live in Kent, a two hour drive to London so within that radius have any of you had any experience with reputable firms that I might (worse case scenario) be able to entrust my children's lives to?

    Be very appreciative for any tips,




    Hi and welcome to the forum!!

    I don't have any experience of this companies work but I did contact them when we were considering changing the rear lap belts into 3 point belts in our old van and I also found happy customer reviews about them on-line. Luckily, you are a lot closer to them than we are too!! (London)

    They will hopefully be able to give you an idea whether it is possible to fit the belts etc but from what I understand, belts can only be fitted to forward facing seats nowadays.

    There is also these 2 companies ( stanmore,middlesex) (Amersham, bucks)

    Good luck,

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      Many thanks Glen, I'll check them out and ask (and feedback here in case others are interested).



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