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R10 Towbar fitting

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    R10 Towbar fitting

    Nine days into ownership of my new R10 I have had a towbar fitted. I am told that the additional wiring which has been done now means that my rear foglight is not operable - something to do with the van's computer sensing that something new is in the circuit. The fitters said that the foglight would come on for a few seconds and then go off.

    Has anyone else had this happen and, if so, is there a solution? The garage said that they had downloaded the latest wiring diagrams from Citroen but the wiring colours on my van (2010 registered) were different.

    It's a very difficult to understand (for the layman), this modern Canbus wiring system!!

    I certainly don't - maybe Ant could help you?

    It may be that a relay needs introducing into the system to switch the fog lamp circuit, it would take less current than the foglamp, which could then be wired, through the switch, direct to the battery if needs be.
    I think that the installer is responsible to make sure it all works - and if he can't, then he should get someone who can, at his expense!!

    Might also be worth testing the new wiring for the towbar, whilst it is new, just to check that actually works as it should.

    I know that when I had my Hylo, I found it most frustrating that I couldn't listen to the radio when stopped for more than 20mins before it went off automatically!!



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