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Stimson Trail Finder

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    Stimson Trail Finder

    First post, just to say I`m Roger Turner, wife Heather, Dog Jonti and Hi to every one.
    and to enthuse about the beautiful 1990, Stimson Trailfinder we have just bought, it is a Renault 1990 1600 Diesel and has done just over 60K miles.
    Had our first outing and stayed at friends house and slept in van.Better night`s sleep second night.

    I am hoping some kind persons on this site have experience of this type of Motorhome because I would welcome any advice.
    Here goes!!!
    The Gas hob unit seems to be in a particularly vulnerable position for heat to affect nearby finished glass fibre surfaces can anybody suggest a heat resistant cowl or reflective material that could be stuck on say?
    What type of cheap drive away awning would be suitable for this vehicle and any chance of finding one second hand.
    A mechanical problem - the cab heater does not heat up when I turn the knob from cold to hot, is it a mechanical valve or an electric one or just an airlock in the system from being left standing too long, there doesn`t seem to be any loss of coolant and all the hoses heat up ok (I think) and the radiator fan works.
    Any ideas on fuel performance and tuning? Tyre pressures.

    Love these campers - do you have the one most ppl call 'Popemobiles'!

    Can't help with any of your questions. How about finding another one that is up for sale and asking if the seller would mind photocopying his manual - at your expense of course!

    Also found this linky - you could ask on the forum here:


      Hi Roger and family

      Just looked up your van on t'internet, it's so cute! JayJay, you are right, it does look like a popemobile

      We've got an old Romahome (early 1980s) which is tall. We bought an outhouse and it's really good! Here's a link to a picture of one but we only paid £70 in March from JR Leisure World Manchester. Evidently the head office is in Leicester 0116 255 1595 Outdoor-Revolution-Outhouse-XL-Handi

      Hope this is of some use.
      Happy motorhoming


        Oops! It didn't come up as a link did it?
        Try this instead ... it's JR Leisure and I've just noticed that the outhouse is now only £50!!

        Hope it works


          Originally posted by Dolly View Post
          Oops! It didn't come up as a link did it?
          Try this instead ... it's JR Leisure and I've just noticed that the outhouse is now only £50!!

          Hope it works
          Come to think of it, I have the Movelite small vs. (now called the Movelite Square) drivaway awning and that would fit as well. Bit more useful as it has a door on every side - and an inner sleeping tent - but much more expensive!

          They are called driveaway awnings as it's easy to drive away from them - it's a different story reversing back to them, but you get the hang of it in the end!

          ETA: just found another thread with a few more owners you could ask:

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            I've got a Riversway Mobil driveaway awning which fits on my Romahome R40 and cost £145 earlier this year from Riversway Preston (and online on their website). Again you can get a sleeping compartment as an extra. I don't know the exact details of your motorhome but I think it should fit most vehicles. I posted a pic of mine on separate thread (I think it's on Romahome chat)
            If you're local then it's worth the trip as the staff were very helpful when I took the motorhome over and asked if it'd fit.


              Hi Roger, Heather and Jonti

              Welcome to the forum, it's great to have you here.
              Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


                Stimson Trail Finder

                Hi All,
                Thanks for warm welcome and help,
                Joined Renault Fan Club,
                Will fit appropriate candles to Popemobile,
                Still hoping someone might know of a very cheep-cheep drive away awning


                  [QUOTE=Roger Turner;7856]Hi All,
                  Thanks for warm welcome Will fit appropriate candles to Popemobile,

                  that tickled me...

                  We saw a similar vehicle in Worthing on Monday..

                  We used to have a driveaway awning but have now got an outhouse. Takes no time to put up/take down. Surprisingly spacious for storing whilst away. Enough room for two chairs and table if you need somewhere for shade or shelter. We are very pleased with it.


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