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Hi ~ Newbie from Kent

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    Hi ~ Newbie from Kent

    Hello all :~)
    I'm a newbie from Kent, made 4 trips so far in my motorhome.
    So much to learn (especially as my lovely van came with no instructions/manual!
    Making new curtains this weekend having got a great bargain on fabric :~)
    I'm a single (widowed) disabled woman and would especially like to get to know
    other folk in similar position, perhaps meet up?
    That said, I'd appreciate talking to anyone :~) I'm a carer for brother-in-law with
    dementia so appreciate respite breaks on internet as well as in van.

    Hello Lucy,

    A warm welcome to the forum, from me ..

    Hope you get lots of fun and respites from your motor home.

    Happy camping and safe travelling.


      Hello Lucy and welcome to our friendly community, if you need any help with your van just ask we have a lot of technically minded people on here who are only too willing to share knowledge plus if your van is a Romahome you could see our "Ask Ant" section where you will find that Ant from Avon Motor Caravans is an expert on the subject.

      We have a lot of single people on here and there are meets arranged from time to time.

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        Thanks for the warm welcome :~)
        My mh is a Ford base the mh bit says "Eagle" but I've been unable
        to find this anywhere on internet :~( aprox 19 years old.


          …….. respite is important! even an hour's drive away from home enables us to meet others, share experiences, enjoy the surroundings!


            Welcome Lucy,
            Congratulations on getting a van, they are great for just taking a break and getting a change of scene, something that I appreciate might mean a lot to you. Lots of folk on here have plenty of experience that you can draw on, very friendly too. Quite a few people are based in the south too, look forward to meeting you on the road or in a field!
            All the best


              Hello Lucy see you are from the best county in the country(watch the Yorkshire folk pipe up).
              Good luck from North Kent.

              Tony Anchorman


                Welcome to a great forum and a fantastic buch of like minded people
                Be Free, Be Safe, Be Happy and most of all Enjoy Yourself


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