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Hello! How do I use this forum?

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    Hello! How do I use this forum?

    Hello. I am not familiar with this method of communication. I can do emails but this forum stuff is a mystery. I did not grow up with computers. Can I get some help please?

    Using the forum

    Hi. Welcome to the forum.

    People use this forum in a variety of ways. some prefer to follow thread related to meets / rallies, found under 'Meeting up'. Others look for comments about other topics.

    You can reply to any thread by clicking on 'Reply to this thread', to be seen after the last message in the thread.

    you can quote a particular comment, if it makes your contribution clearer, by clicking on 'Reply with quote.'

    You can open new threads / threads that have new comments on them, in one of two ways.

    1. Either by clicking on 'New Posts' and then clicking on the thread that interests you.


    2. Click on Forum, choose a section that is of particular interest to you, and click on the title of that thread. Read and comment, if you wish.

    You can add pictures / photos to your comments by clicking on th 'insert image' icon, then selecting from your personal library by browsing, opening, uploading.

    You can start a new thread in the same way that you posted your initial enquiry. Choose a section, click on new thread, and then post your comments.

    I hope this is useful to you. Have fun.
    Carpe diem! :)


      Well done you just posted your first message

      Nomadsue has given you some helpful tips and the best thing is just keep experimenting. If you CLICK HERE this takes you to the 'Forum Issues' Section where there is a specific forum help section where you can post questions and we will do our best to answer.

      If you are inexperienced can I recommend that you read the section on internet safety and the forum rules.

      Finally Welcome to the forum and well done you have successfully posted a message.


        Welcome to easy camper - hope you found your way back to the post you wrote and are now having fun experimenting. You'll soon get the hang of it


          Hello easy camper and welcome.
          It is always good to find new visitors and we all always hope that they become "residents".
          You will find that the forum is much more than just a place to exchange comments and it readily promotes personal contact in the form of "meets" etc. See "Fancy meeting up?"
          You mention email. On here is a "private message" (PM) system via which you can exchange confidential communications with other users.
          May I suggest you add a GENERAL location to your "Profile"? It could promote personal contact with someone near by.
          Many of us "did not grow up" with computers. In fact I was over 50 before the internet was introduced!
          Stick at it!
          Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


            and welcome to the family from me too !
            Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


              …….. browse a topic then 'reply to thread' ……… hope to hear from you again!


                I can't add anything else other than what our friendly forumites have told you and my reply to your email, keep trying and it will soon become second nature, you will be hooked and asking how you can stop!

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