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I bought a Romini :-))))

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    I bought a Romini :-))))


    My name is Tina, I have bought a Romini from Mikeroch (a member on this site), I am picking it up on Sunday, very excited!

    This is all completely new to me so no doubt will be asking some of you experts for some advice in the near future.

    Just getting some quotes for insurance, any suggestions welcome, have started with Adrian Flux.

    Have a nice day!


    My Romini

    Hi me again,

    Insured with Adrian Flux


      how exciting! Trips planned yet? Browse round, we're a friendly bunch!



        Thanks Insect,

        Off to a local camp site next week, I'd already booked it and was taking tents but the site are allowing the same pitch with the van so really pleased.

        I won't get away as much as I would like this year but looking forward to planning loads for next year!


          congratulations! Mike's van is lovely - and a bit bigger than the others - you have a bargain there!!

          We will have to call it Tina's van now!


            Tina's Van

            Hi JayJay,

            That's good to hear, I honestly can't believe just how excited I am

            Loving the emoticons!


              Fantastic. Am very pleased for you. I hope you enjoy lots of short and long breaks in it.
              Carpe diem! :)


                Yep, you have landed a good one with your Romini, Mikeroch looks after his stuff


                  Welcome Tina and enjoy the van.
                  I am sure it will give you lots of pleasure in use. And I think quite a bit more pleasure exploring Mike's offerings about it on this Forum
                  Jim (Another Romini Owner)
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                  Keeping people waiting is stealing a part of their lives.


                    Hi Tina and welcome.
                    derek b and Babs


                      Hi Tina,
                      Your pop up details dont say where you are,but how about coming to the Autumn Rally,see the "Fancy meeting up" thread for details.

                      Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.


                        Thank You!

                        I feel very welcome on here, thank you for your kind responses.

                        Good to hear such positive comments about the van, I bought it blind from ebay but just had a feeling that all would be well.

                        I have added my location, will add a pic with my van when I get it, picked up reg plate today, not long now!

                        I'll take a look at the rally although pretty much booked up this year, I get a bit carried away with organising stuff then leave myself
                        no available weekends.

                        Enjoy the sunshine!



                          You are not a million miles away from me Tina. I recently sold my (standard length) Romini and now have a Freedom caravan. Do try to get to at least one meet if you can, they are all such nice people and will make you very welcome.


                            Originally posted by TinaC View Post
                            Hi me again,

                            Insured with Adrian Flux
                            Hi Tina

                            Belated welcome from me, glad you managed to register on our site, sorry for the late reply to your email, we were away in the van with little or no signal.

                            I hope you mentioned Small Motorhome to Adrian Flax because you get a discount and we get a bit of commission which helps with our running costs.
                            Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website



                              I did mention this site Graham but they never mentioned a discount!?

                              Will certainly get to a meet Maddy, looking forward to it - just need to juggle the diary around a bit.

                              We are walking in the South Downs Sept 12th for the Autumn meet, a treat for our wedding anniversary


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