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Hallow from London

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    Hallow from London

    Hi Y'all,

    I'm a Romahome wannabe at the moment but hope to buy one in the next few months so we can start mini weekenders away with the dog. Have seen a few listed on preloved and ebay that I really like (shame about the price though).

    Looking forward to learning more about motorhomes on this site and very excited about getting my own one soon.
    Cheers, Coz

    Hi Coz

    Welcome to the forum, lots of help and advice from friendly small motorhomers, hope you manage to find a nice van soon, have you looked in our for sale and wanted section, there are a few in there.

    Best of luck, keep us informed.
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      Welcome, hope you find what you want/need for you and the pooch. Enjoy the forum


        Thanks a lot. Has anyone got any experience of purchasing a romahome from ebay or preloved? I'm looking at a 2002 model at the mo (love the look of the R25's but sadly out of my price range unless I get lucky on the lotto).

        The one I've found looks good and the advert says it is in excellent condition with low mileage and mot/tax etc.

        Does anyone have a checklist of things I need to discuss/check when I go for a viewing? This is very exciting..!


          Sorry, double post.


            Just be VERY careful about Romahomes on e-bay.

            There have been some horror stories on here, particularly about C15 vans. Apparently some people remove the caravan body from an old rusted out base vehicle and re-mount it on a newer cut down van. Romahome (the original builders) refuse to acknowledge these as "Romahomes" fearing the amount of damage that may have been caused to the caravan body during the removal process.

            You don't say which model you are looking at, but if it is a C15, be careful. Another member on this forum is quite adept at spotting the "wrong'uns", he may be along later.

            I hope you do find a good Romahome. But be warned - Romahoming can be addictive and seriously change your lifestyle



              Sorry, should have said. The one I'm interested in is a hylo (with large side windows).


                Hi Coz - I also like the hylo's!

                If you can get the AA or RAC to do a check before you buy, it would be a good thing, but it sounds good. You need to look very closely, at the engine and the body of the cab, for rust, etc. Or take someone with you who knows about what to look for and listen for with the engine running. Any knocking sounds, don't buy.

                The Roma bit - check that there are no leaks - normally not, but I had a side leaking window. Ask to see the appliances (such as gas cooker, fridge, zig unit (if it has one) and EHU etc,) working. Check that the beds are long enough for you, some are quite small. Most probs seem to be with engines and rusty cabs, not with the Roma bit itself, but if looking at a hylo, make sure there are no 'water marks' where water could be getting in between the 'seams'. Make sure you will be happy if you can't stand up straight except for the bit by the door. That killed my back and I had to sell. Not sure if the hylo isn't a bit higher with the roof up though.

                Most things inside the roma can be fixed if not working but you need to check that they are or aren't before you buy - if something isn't working then the price should be reduced!

                Good luck on your quest!


                  C15 Hylo or Berlingo Hylo?


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