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    Just bought my first romahome on my own with nobody with me! Hopefully someone will post lots of help and advice if I come unstuck. Its a little beauty Suzuki Romahome -white and green. I'm assuming these are original colours -does anyone know?

    Hi Tiggy and welcome to best forum on the web!!

    We've also got a Suzuki Romahome and we love it (see my profile pic). The Suzuki is 2004 but the pod is probably early 80s. Our pod needs some patching up, but it is otherwise in good nick. We had new roof vents fitted when we first got it and have also had new windows ... which cost a fortune. Well worth it though, we can now see out ... always an advantage!!

    Hope we see you at a meet sometime. Where in the world are you from?

    PS, as you can see, ours is just white. The lines down the sides are grey and black. Don't know what the original colours were


      Hello and welcome Tiggy
      I make occasional visits to reality, but I'm not a full time resident


        Welcome Tiggy,

        You'll get lots of friendly advice on here, enjoy your new van.
        Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


          Suzuki Romahome

          Hi Tiggy

          Welcome to the forum. This forum has been so useful to us with an old romahome demountable, our first campervan.

          If you get chance Tiggy, maybe you can post a photo.



            Hi there!

            If you have any questions, just post! There are lots of us who can point the way, and of course there's Ant, without whom a lot of us would be off the road! LOL!!

            Remember the only silly question is the one you don't ask. And well done you for going and getting your campervan all by yourself! I did the same and you really do have to have faith in yourself! (And faith in your local garage in my case - but that's a long story!)


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