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New guy here

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    New guy here

    Hello everyone!

    After lurking here for quite a while, I thought it was time to contribute something myself. I am markmotorhome and I lofe motorhomes (oh really?).
    I am one of the few foreigners here but I am sure I will be welcomed with open arms here.
    I am here to learn something about motorhoming in England, because that's what I really like (but I also really like going to France).
    That was it for now, we'll see each other at the forum!

    Hello Mark! and welcome to SMH forums!

    I have a very small caravan - a Kip - from Holland!!


      Hello Mark, I've sent you a personal message about your other post, welcome to our forum I hope you are here for the right reasons.
      Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website


        Hello Mark

        Welcome to the forum! I love France too and I agree with you that motorhoming is great! I'm sure there are some lovely places to go in The Netherlands too - definitely good for cycling (unlike Wales where I live which is much too hilly in most places!) I have family friends that live in Holland and can remember staying with them for a while one summer (years ago as a child), I can remember cycling everywhere, it was such fun! It's lovely to have people from different countries on the forum. I know several family friends that are from Holland and they are all lovely.

        Happy holidaying!


          enjoy your trips!


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