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'say hello'

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    'say hello'

    hello Pauline & Graham,,,, and everyone here on 'Small Motorhomes',Jack & Patty, Cornwall, here, we are still motorhoming, tho have gone up in size to an Autosleepers Clubman, due to the ''getting up in the night for a pee syndrome'' and we have a separate loo. We must be getting older. Though the A/S is still only a smallish M/H we are still able to visit this site. It is nice to see you are still using the photo of our old C15 Romahome, taken at the meet we attended at Devizes, many moons ago. What a good weekend we had. I am still making my own wine, we take some with us everywhere we go,,,, including La Belle France, as ours is still cheaper than theirs,,,
    Patty and I are going up to The Plough Lane Campsite, near Chippenham, tomorrow, Friday,22nd, for a few days. Weather doesn't look too promising, but, what the heck,,,,
    Cheers for now, Jack & Patty, Cornwall.

    Hi Jack and Patty

    Great to see our old friends on here again, glad to hear you are still making the wine, although taking it to France is a bit like coals to Newcastle. You are right though it is cheaper and I am sure equally as good.

    Have a good time at Chippenham and I hope the weather stays fair.
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      Good to see you back here

      I'm only just getting chance to catch up, hope you had a good time. Have you retired yet?

      Meow is the time to chill with my cat =^..^=


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