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    Hello we are new here and also to motor homing we recently bought an eriba car.
    we live in Cornwall and have 2 schipperkers who always travel with us
    regards Rose and Nigel

    Hello Rose

    Welcome to the forum, I have seen the Eriba Cars and they look really nice and quite unique as there doesn't seem to be a lot about, I hope you enjoy the forum and have lots of lovely holidays in your Eriba.
    Did you know you can follow us on Facebook, YouTube and Twitter or you can visit us at our Website



      Hi there! You'll have to give us all a photo of your schipperkers! I've never heard of those! Happy camping!


        Originally posted by jayjay View Post

        Hi there! You'll have to give us all a photo of your schipperkers! I've never heard of those! Happy camping!
        they are a belgian breed,they look like minature huskies,nice temperament,thick coat,lively,smart,lots of argument about the derivation of the breed.
        good dogs.
        Young men sow wild oats.Old men grow sage.




          We have a golden boy and a small black girl

          Other Names
          Breed Description
          Head: Resembles that of a fox. Moderately broad forehead, slightly rounded skull. Distinct, but not pronounced stop. Tapered muzzle. Small nose.
          Ears: Placed high on the head. Small, triangular. Held erect, very mobile.
          Eyes: Ideally oval. Dark brown color.
          Body: Short and thickset. Deep, broad chest. Belly moderately tucked up. Broad loin. Straight, horizontal back.
          Tail: Tailless or docked.
          Hair: Abundant and dense. Short on the head, body and front of legs. Longer on the neck (ruff), shoulders, chest (apron) and back of legs (culottes).
          Coat: Solid black.
          Size: 32 to 36 cm (12,5-14 in).
          Weight: 3 to 8 kg (6,5-18 lb), depending on size.
          The Schipperke, which looks rather like spitz dogs and Belgian sheepdogs, is thought by some to be descended from the Leauvenaar, a small sheepdog from Louvain in the Flemish provinces of Belgium. Others think that he is descended from northern spitz dogs. This tailless dog, the most popular guard dog in Belgium, guarded the canals. He was also a much loved companion. Shown for the first time in 1880, the breed was officially recognized by the Royal Schipperkes Club of Brussels in 1888. An official standard was written in 1904. Today, the Schipperke is a popular breed in England and South Africa.
          This perky, cheerful, seemingly tireless dog is constantly alert, always in motion. He raises the alarm with his piercing bark at the slightest provocation. Loyal and gentle with his owners and with children, he is reserved with strangers. He is highly trainable.



            How fantastic, an eriba car wow!! Welcome and hope to see your car very soon.


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