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Hello to everyone!

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    Hello to everyone!

    Just joined your forum. I am a new convert to small motorhomes but have caravaned for a large number of years. I have admired the Romahome Hylo for a while and finally decided to try one. My purchase I must admit was done from the dreaded Ebay without physically viewing the vehicle (one born every minute I here you say!!). It will require a tidying-up as the door skins are showing signs of scabs along with the bonnet edge. A common area for C15 based Romahomes I believe. I have entered into small motorhome ownership with an open mind, and its trial run was down to Somerset for a few nights at the begining of our present cold snap. (I often caravan out of season as well).
    My first night was an eyeopener, I did not realise quite how much heat was lost via unprotected cab glass windows. This meant a trip down to Highbridge caravans for a quilted cover the first morning. Next night was a lot more pleasant without the chilling effects of the glass. To be fair though we were experiencing sub-zero temperatures so I should have been better prepared! Is it also common with Hylo roofs to experience draughts from around the roof-line even though the rubber flaps seem to be all intact and in place once the roof is in its raised position? The fuel consumption was quite a revelation as I was impressed by the way it sipped diesel (maybe I was driving slower than normal as the vehicle was "new" to me), pulls strongly and maintains good average speeds once up there (no mod cons like a turbo on this engine!)
    To sum up so far so good and I will update you all once I have a few more miles under my belt.
    Fond regards to all.

    Welcome well starting out in the winter is a real baptism of fire.

    Sounds like you are having fun though and that is important

    Welcome again


      Hi Pacice

      Glad to see you have come over from the dark side (i.e. caravans), its great to see you on the forum.

      I can think of better weeks to start your motorhome adventures in but it will get better and you will love it in the summer.

      Happy Camping
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        Hi Pacice, welcome to the forum, well in at the deep end, it can only get better , plenty of help on here should you need it, things are a bit quiet at this time of the year most of us are indoors away from the snow and ice, roll on the spring............ enjoy your C15 I did when I had mine great little van.
        Gadgetman......... (Bryan)
        'Live without regrets'


          Hello pacice. Welcome to the joys of the C15 Hylo. Mine is a year 2000 with 40k on the clock, and a real pleasure to drive. I have an aversion to driving at full throttle, am happy to cruise at 55-60 with the truckers on the big roads, and am rewarded with 50 mpg on all trips.

          Most of all, though, I like to use B roads and lanes. I often choose the 'shortest journey' option on the TomTom for scenery and excitement, but I have chickened out twice now; once because I was short of fuel, and once because a narrow lane went skyward at an alarming rate in dodgy conditions. The van will usually go up anything, but wet roads and leaves can result in wheel spin. I did miss a gear change down to first recently, which meant reversing to a flatter bit of road and taking a run at the hill again.

          As for gaps around the roof, I regularly see a few inches of daylight from inside the van at the front nearside corner. Shoudering the roof to the offside helps close the gap, but I think some gap is inevitable on an older van as rubber seals wear. I have not found draughts to be a problem with hatches battened down and the fan heater on, and agree that a silver screen or similar is essential all year. I did see a suggestion on the forum some time ago about using foam strips to seal gaps, but I have not found the need.

          Good luck and happy journeys with your new acquisition.


            Hi Pacice, Welcome to the friendly site. Pleased you are starting to enjoy your Roma. I have an old C15 fixed roof and love it. In the cold weather I take a small oil filled radiator, although you need electric hook up, and have been snug and warm. Hope you continue to have lots of good hols from Sunshine


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