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    Hi, I joined the club in august but this is my first thread
    We bought a romani caravan (won on ebay)
    the owner had started to improve it( but it was'nt up to my standard )
    but my husband insisted we bought it
    We had a service etc and off we went to Southport for the air display
    Well the heavens opened we woke up on the Sunday morning and it was like a soggy moggy Anyway we think we've cured it But its in storage now but outside that reminds me must go and check on her
    The main reason I am writing is the original owner had it from new in late eighty's early ninety's and wondered if she was a member of the club
    She lived in oxford and the name HALF CUT was over the back door
    I look forward to hear from anyone who can recall anything about it

    Marje ( Fat Albert)

    Someone ought to recognise the van from the description and there are not many about but I suppose if they sold it they might not be on here now.

    Happy camping in your Romini, they are such lovely sweet little vans.
    Guardian of the Ducks
    2 2 2 2 2 2 2 Quack!


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