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Hi from spain

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    Hi from spain

    Hallo everyone, I thought it about time I posted, as I have been living in my Romahome since April 2010. I've loved exploring England and Wales, the parts thus far unknown to me, especially where I can find pre-historic sites like in Anglesey and Dorset. and later Norfolk.
    THen in October the temperature dropped and I realised I needed to go south with the birds. Quite scarey taking the leap to travel on my own on the other side of the road, but having made the decision, am so glad I did!
    France was strike-bound at the time, so I took a ferry from Portsmouth straight to Santander, Northern Spain where the sun was shining! yippee!
    I even managed to take a dip in the sea nearby before heading west to explore the Picos de Europa, a lovely set of mountains not far away.

    I discovered an handy campsite on my route, as I have for most of my time here. With the help of an extra mirror on my lefthand side, I found the traffic and driving really easy, and have experienced very little difficulties with spanish drivers.
    My worst moment so far has been trying to negotiate the ring road in Zaragoza, in order to find (or not) the campsite there. I gave up after some time, and stuck to my previous idea of using small towns and villages, not big cities.

    I've also done some volunteering at a small community near Almeria which is completely off the grid (water, electricity) - where I learned to pick olives and helped in the gardens and kitchen; even a little eco-construction using river clay.

    I've not always slept in my van, and it has got really cold at times (2 duvets and 2 hot water bottles), but I'm still thrilled to be a Romahome owner, and love her to bits. She's called Flow.

    Anyone else travelling in Spain at the moment?
    Happy New Year to you all,

    Hello Margot

    How lovely to hear of your adventures in Spain, I admire your spirit of adventure and really envy you it sounds a great life.

    You have no doubt heard about all the snow and ice we have had over here, I think you and the birds have the right idea to move south for the winter.

    We hope to do the same when we have retired.
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      This is what I would love to do but finances limit my ideas.


        Hi Margot, good for you, I explored the same from Portsmouth to Bilbao by car, then headed south and stoped off in Madrid for two nights, what a beautiful city, the architecture was the best I have ever seen, truly magnificent, and then on to Albacete, Alicante, Murcia, Vera, Garrucha, and then my final destination of Mojacar, close to a 1000k all together, there I stayed for two and a half years, enjoying every minute......... that's where the bug of motorhomes set in, on returning back to the UK within a week I had purchased my first C15 Hightop, enjoyed that for just over a year, then purchased my larger four birth Herald Squire RL, now I plan to do the same trip again next winter.
        I can understand the fun you are having, enjoy, safe driving,
        Gadgetman......... (Bryan)
        'Live without regrets'


          So envy you Margot, so cold here. Had a short break in April ,in Spain. Loved it so much. Maybe we can do it this year in our Roma.


            Hi Margot,
            I think that what you are doing sounds great. Which model of Romahome are you using? Enjoy the sun


              warm in spain

              Hi all, thanks for your messages,
              it´s not always easy to find an internet cafe, have been enjoying really hot midday weather this week, so lovely.
              My Romahome is an old one, N reg, C15, don´t have any further info really, but small and snug for me.
              I recently found a tarp to make an extension, but haven´t stayed anywhere long enough yet, to put it up.
              I´m funding myself by renting out my house in Uk, so that makes things easier, and will return "home" in March to recover my house and see my friends, grandkids etc.
              Currently staying in a friends garden, very off the grid, with no elec. in sight, much prefer it that way.
              just collected lots of spring water from the local fountain.
              hope the weather in UK is improving!
              cheers for now,



                I loved reading your messages - you sound very brave and independent! I would love to be in the sun, but can always find 101 excuses why not to go.

                Good luck with your travels and adventures, hope to meet up with you one day



                  Hi Margot
                  We will be heading for Spain in our Bongo on 5th Feb - April.
                  Really looking foreward to some warm weather
                  This will be our first time abroad with the Bongo & our Schnoodle Queenie
                  Were heading down to Altea for a month, then wherever we end up.

                  Regards Irene


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